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Protecting your business over the festive period

Depending on what kind of business you own will depend on how long your business premises is left unattended for over the festive period and depending on the type of premises and contents inside your building will decide what level of security you need for your business over the Christmas period.

Home Security: The importance of a reliable burglar alarm

Burglar alarms are designed to protect your home when you aren’t there and can improve the security overall of your property and work as a deterrent to burglary’s. One of the main reasons people purchase a home burglar alarm is to protect the home and it’s belongings. Many people spend their entire lives building up their home to how they’ve dreamed it would be and taken time to build up the belongings inside, so making sure they are protected is a key element.

The benefits of Fibre Optic Cabling for businesses

The majority of businesses have the need for fibre optic cabling purely for speed of connection but also storage capabilities.

5 Security solutions for your business

There are many different solutions for security for your business and it will depend on what level of security you need.

Benefits Of CCTV For Your Business

CCTV is crucial for any business, especially for ensuring overall safety and security. It can work as a deterrent for potential burglary, it can provide remote monitoring of your business from a distance allowing you to check in on your most prized possession from the other side of the country, even reduce your insurance costs and so much more.

The Best Security Solutions To Protect Your Business

Many businesses need security for their business, but most don’t know where to start. The majority of security solutions provided truly depend on the type of business but here is a list of just a few:

The Most Reliable Wireless Solutions for a Business

The majority of businesses in the 21st century relies on a wireless solution to help run their day to day business. There are a variety of long-distance, wireless services including backhaul, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, WLAN, and many more that Birch Technical Services uses.

Why Do Businesses Need Fibre Optic Cabling?

Fibre optic internet services are becoming increasingly popular especially in the business world, mainly for the use of data storage or cloud. Speed of connection, extra security, storage and cloud access are just some of the reasons for its popularity.