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Social Distancing Occupancy Management

Birchtech Technical Services offer social distancing control solutions that help businesses comply with safe occupancy limits at their facility or building, without having to assign a member of staff to count customer traffic, not only an additional overhead but also putting that staff member at risk.

Our enhanced occupancy system is tailored to your business needs, with hardware fitted above each entrance and exit point of your site. When a customer approaches an easy to use visual traffic light system will tell them if it is safe to enter, and as they pass through an additional occupant will be added to the system. When maximum occupancy is reached, if someone tries to pass through an audible alarm will sound. 

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Retail Data Analytics

The benefits of footfall counting software go way beyond the current social distancing requirements. Occupancy management software provides a quick and easy way of tracking footfall to your store. This data can then be used to help you layout the store in a more efficient way, removing bottlenecks and improving the customer experience. 

Efficient Workplaces

Manage your operating expenses by evaluating how your team use your workplace. Occupancy management software can be used internally as well as externally, so you can look at how your employees are using your conference rooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias and desk areas. Not only can this be used to reduce costs, by reducing your square footage where it’s not being utilised, but it can also support productivity by providing your team with the spaces they need most.

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24/7 Maintenance Services 

Like all electrical hardware, without regular monitoring and maintenance of your occupancy management system, parts may become tired and worn, forcing the system to fail.

As well as designing, supplying and installing footfall counting and retail analytics solutions, Birch Technical Services has a dedicated maintenance team who will keep your equipment in prime condition. 

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