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We offer analogue, IP and hybrid solutions that are always tailored to your site. Our experts have decades of experience designing, installing and maintaining CCTV systems for small-medium and large sites across the UK and Europe. 

All of our CCTV installations use the latest front and back end integration technology giving you the best experience we can. 

By working closely with specialists in renewable technology energy sources and utilising our knowledge in wireless back haul transmission, we can offer solutions where some companies will not, which includes providing alternative power supplies for your CCTV system.


Can you supply CCTV to my business?

We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of offshore, agricultural and industrial CCTV systems in Colchester, but that doesn't mean we can't supply other businesses, too. At Birch Technical Services, we often install and maintain CCTV in all sectors, including educational, private, healthcare and retail in the Colchester and surrounding areas. Whatever it is your business does, we can help.


By installing CCTV you can monitor health and safety, protect your people and keep an eye on your production line. You can also use it for people counting, facial recognition and intruder detection.


Video Management Software platforms are deployed on medium to large scale sites where a more in depth level of integration, functionality and control is required. 

By using a VMS platform to manage your site security we can integrate different aspects of electronic security ranging from door entry systems, traditional CCTV, facial and number plate recognition software, people counting and retail analytics, building management systems and much more. 

We can also utilise the latest METADATA harvesting tools to generate live reports enabling you to make more qualified decisions on how you operate your building or site security. 


Offshore rigs and marine vessels, including gas and oil rigs which require surveillance for safety purposes, must tackle harsh weather, so your CCTV network must be reliable. As standard, our service includes design and build tailored to your site and a three-year replacement window.

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Birch Technical Services carried out a very professional service, the quality of the equipment provided and installed were a big improvement on our previous CCTV system. The after sales service provided was also excellent’

David B Cwind Ltd 
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24/7 protection with our aftercare plan

We have designed a comprehensive aftercare plan that covers everything you need to optimise your system, minimise the risk of damage and maintenance bills, and manage periods where the system is out of use. Our aftercare plan includes:

  • Regular, prearranged site visits by our expert technicians who will become familiar with your system and its main uses, giving you the opportunity to discuss any issues you may have or required upgrades
  • Whole system check for any damage caused by the weather or any other external factors (includes condition and function of the unit)
  • Renewal of dirt, rain and spider repellent to keep the unit filming effectively
  • Periodic software updates to ensure the system is being used to its full capacity and always has the latest security updates
  • Full system report provided with any advisories
We will always tailor your aftercare plan to suit your CCTV system and business.

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