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Birch Technical Services offer a full design, installation and maintenance service for automatic license plate recognition systems in Colchester. 

These can be stand-alone systems or integrated with traditional CCTV, access control and VMS platforms. We have installed ANPR gate systems for many clients over the years ranging from private multiple-occupancy dwellings to car parks and token generating barrier systems. 

What is ANPR?

ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) or LPR (license plate recognition) cameras can be used for many different purposes including car parks, entrance barriers, traffic monitoring and gate security. Our ANPR systems are used regularly on commercial, industrial and educational sites. Used in conjunction with barrier gates and access control, this can provide a perfect security solution.

How does ANPR work?

ANPR works by using cameras which are placed in entrances and exits to your car park. Once a vehicle passes by one of the installed ANPR cameras it’s registration is then read and recorded. Using the latest technology we ensure that angles and variations of the vehicle license plates don’t hinder the ability to read and record.
The system is then able to relay that information to the car park operator notifying of non-payment or overstaying. Along with being able to provide you with valuable insights of usage trends in real-time.

When was ANPR introduced in the UK?

ANPR technology was invented in the United Kingdom in 1976 by the Home Office Scientific Development Branch. Early versions of the system were rolled out in 1979 and one of the initial trials was at the Dartford Tunnel crossing on the M25. 
The technology was initially used as average speed cameras and as a crime deterrent. Whilst today it is becoming increasingly more common to see ANPR used commercially by resorts, hospitals and parking facilities. 

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