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Secure Gates & Barriers

Birch Technical Services offer comprehensive design, installation and maintenance services for securing entrance and exit points for all types of business and premises, from single pedestrian turnstiles to huge industrial sites with multiple rising barriers, security gates and road blockers.

Our dedicated team will ensure that every detail is taken into consideration. Safety is of the utmost importance so your gates, barriers and bollards will be thoroughly tested to ensure it meets our high-quality standards. 

Automated Car Park Barriers

Car park barriers prevent unauthorised vehicles from accessing your site, whilst also causing minimum disruption and inconvenience to those who are allowed to access your site. 

Using an Access Management System you can retain full control of who enters and exits multiple areas of your site at any time of the day or night, with various control options including:

  • Intercom Solutions
  • Token or fobs
  • Contactless smart cards
  • ANPR number plate recognition software

Combined with photocell technology or induction loops, the car park barrier arm will open and close smoothly and safely when activated, reducing the need for a car park attendant or security staff. 

Speak to our security team to learn more about automated car park barriers.

Automatic Security Gates 

Birch Technical Services specialise in securing commercial and industrial estates with perimeter security services. 

Automatic gates offer convenience, as well as security, whether you choose an underground gate operation system, hydraulic ram operators or electric sliding gates, we have the right automation function to suit the needs of your site, providing safe and smooth operation. We can also integrate your chosen gate with your Access Control System, allowing you to control who enters and exits your site. 

Pedestrian Turnstiles

Perfect for controlling visitor flow in low-security areas of your premises, half-height turnstiles are ideal for reception areas, health clubs, libraries, travel hubs and more.

Combined with keycard, fob or push button Access Control Solutions, the turnstiles can allow or deny pedestrian access immediately, meaning they are ideal for high-traffic areas in commercial environments. 

For areas that require absolute security at the entrance or exit points, such as sports stadiums, embassies and theme parks, full height turnstiles provide extra safety and security. Again, these can be integrated with access control systems.

Bollards & Blockers 

Providing a high-security option to restrict access to unauthorised vehicles, automatic retractable bollards and road blockers offer a cost-effective and less intrusive alternative to gates against vehicle access.

With the increased threat of random terrorist-related activity, we are also able to provide vehicle barrier solutions that protect from hostile vehicle attacks. 

Contact our team to discuss your security requirements. 

Our Partners

"We have used Birch Technical Services on many occasions and have found their work to be of an excellent standard.  They offer a competitive, quick and efficient service for all cabling and network requirements."

Jo Baalham, Facilities Manager - Informa Group PLC

24/7 Maintenance Services 

In order to comply with Health & Safety regulations, organisations have a legal responsibility to have all powered gates services and maintained on a regular basis by a qualified engineer.

Birch Technical Services offers a maintenance service for all-electric gates, barriers, turnstiles and vehicle blockers to ensure they’re kept in prime condition, protecting your team and customers. 

To arrange a maintenance contract or a one-off call out, email us at

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